Learn How To Transcribe

Transcription Enthusiasm Transformed To Transcription Excellence!

Learn How To Transcribe

Yes, our ‘Learn To Transcribe’ course is finally here! We are so thrilled and excited about this course that we can’t wait to share it with you!

All students (whether beginner or intermediate), can enjoy the ‘Learn How To Transcribe’¬†curriculum as it includes the following:

Lesson 1: Is our Introductory chapter, which looks at what is transcription, who makes use of transcribers, and what skills do successful transcribers have?

Lesson 2: Transcription Comprehension;

Lesson 3: A Comprehension Example;

Lesson 4: Transcription Accuracy;

Lesson 5: Accuracy Examples;

Lesson 6: Common Homophones;

Lesson 7: Transcription Formatting;

Lesson 8: Speaker Labeling;

Lesson 9: Spelling;

Lesson 10: Our advanced module which includes notation tags, turnaround times, the difference between verbatim and non-verbatim transcription, research, and much more;

Lesson 11: Useful Transcription Tools;

Lesson 12: Where & how to find transcription opportunities.

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