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Transcription Enthusiasm Transformed To Transcription Excellence!

How To Record Good Quality Audio To Ensure Accurate Transcripts

Many times while transcribing, it is terribly frustrating not being able to return a superb transcript due to the poor audio quality. When speech is unclear in a recording, an ‘inaudible’ notation tag will be inserted and there is nothing worse for a transcriptionist to return a transcript full of ‘inaudible’ notation tags. In order…
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Verbatim Vs Non-Verbatim Transcription

What is the difference between verbatim and non-verbatim transcription? Verbatim transcription includes all speech that is uttered including stutters, false starts, filler words and repetitions. In addition, verbatim transcription also includes audible non-speech speaker sounds (e.g. applause, laughs or coughs). Non-verbatim transcription of course excludes all unnecessary speech to make one’s transcript more readable without…
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